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    360 Web Strategy

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    Nowadays, simply having a website is not enough. As many merchants do, you wonder how you could put an effective web strategy in place. You have to know your website, built a trust relationship, attract your visitors, convert them and engage with them. This is where the concept of a 360 Web Strategy comes into play.  Let’s take a look to what your 360 Web Strategy should look like:

    The seven elements of a comprehensive web strategy  

    1. Website
      If your website is not at its full potential, there is no need to go any further. Keep in mind that the first impression is paramount. In a matter of seconds, you must convince the user to remain on your website and visit more pages. Your website must have a professional look, quickly show what you are doing, be convincing and speak to your customers in their language.  To know where you stand, here is a short list of key elements you should verify. If you have Google Analytics, observe how the users interact with your website through bounce rate, average length of visits, number of pages visited, ratio of visitors who come back to your website and conversion rate. Also, take the time to check and compare your competitors’ websites. Finally, ask people for their impartial opinion about your website.
    2. Content
      Before launching into extensive copywriting, make sure you know your potential clients thoroughly. Whom are your products and services are for? What are your clients’ needs? Why do they visit your website? After answering these questions, you can develop your client’s type (personas) and elaborate a script and content strategy.
    3. SEO 
      Mostly on Google, but also on Bing and Yahoo, SEO allows your business to appear among the first web choices when users are searching for information, product, and even competitors.  First of all, you must think about developing a keywords strategy. Choose the words that stand a real chance to convert your visitors into clients. Select your keywords according to their potential for positioning your website on the first Google page, even in the first three results.  Once your keywords are selected, you can optimize your website according to them and even think about off-site optimization.
    4. Email Marketing
      Email marketing remains one of the web strategies that generate the best return on investment. Email is an essential tool to generate sales for your website, convert clients and create loyalty among your clients and prospects.  The first step is to create an email database. However, for compliance to C-28, you must obtain consent by opt-in. Then, all you need to do is developing your sending strategy to keep users interested in your business. By using an optimal sending strategy, you will convert and create loyalty with your clients.
    5. Google AdWords 
      Google Adwords is an efficient way to create quality traffic with minimal effort. The main advantage is that users are looking for products and information, not just entertainment. In addition, you pay only for visits on your website, not for advertising.  Choose your keywords carefully, not to spend money in vain. Your ads must be well-thought and contain a call-to-action. Around 20% of Google clicks are profitable, so do not miss this opportunity.
    6. Social media 
      Social media are essential for delivering your content, starting a conversation with your potential clients, engaging with your current clients and increasing the popularity of your brand. They are also remarkable and affordable advertising platforms.  You do not need to be everywhere: each social network has its advantages that you can exploit. Be proactive with your page contents:  publish interesting and relevant contents regularly, invite sharing, discuss with users and attract new customers to your website.
    7. Inbound Marketing
      Generating a infinite number of prospects is pure waste if you do not take care them. An interested visitor does not always act rapidly, and it can be a few months before they actually convert. How can you make sure they will think of you once they are ready to take action? Many automated marketing systems allow you to communicate with your prospects while respecting the natural course of the sale cycle.  Once a sale is concluded, the work goes on. The client must appreciate his experience until the end. It is important not to lose contact with users and engaging them so they can promote your brand among their friends.


    As you can see, a comprehensive web strategy is not limited to one aspect. It requires a global vision that fits your budget. That is the best advice we can give!


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