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    5 questions the best web design agencies can answer

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    Never hire a agency before talking to them and asking some key questions. The best web design agency will have all the answers and will ask you questions in return. Your website is too important for your business to take for granted that the agency you hire is knowledgeable and experienced. Getting to know your web designer with the following important questions can assure you get the best service at the best price.

    1. Do you have a portfolio with examples of your work I can see?
      A good web design agency should be happy to provide you with samples of their work. You should look for variety in their designs, and for key functionality that is important to you. Be sure to ask specific questions regarding the features that you want to incorporate into your website.
    2. Does your agency do all the work internally?
      Many companies outsource some or even all of their work. The best web design agency will be intimately involved with the entire process. Very low price quotes are an indicator that work may be outsourced to countries like China and India. While this seems appealing from a financial standpoint, you are unlikely to get the service and features you desire over time. The term “you get what you pay for” is something to keep in mind.
    3. How long will it take to build my website?
      Before you sign your contract, you should be given a reasonable completion date. Many factors can change your timeline not the least of which is adding features or changing your mind frequently. Spend the time early in the process to relate all your desired design and functionality features. After the process is started, write down any other ideas you have and work to implement those changes AFTER your website is complete. This will assure you have a completed website in a timely manner.
    4. Can I speak to some of your other clients?
      Other clients can give insight into how this particular web design agency meets needs and timeline requests. Don’t hesitate to search for other companies that have used this designer and call them for feedback. The best website design agency will have many happy clients who are more than happy to give you positive reviews.
    5. Do you have thorough knowledge in SEO (search engine optimization)?
      Once your website is live, very few people will find you without outstanding SEO. Your web design agency of choice will have thorough knowledge of the latest SEO tools covering search engines and social media among others. If you are a new agency in particular, you need to establish your brand as a leader in the market right away. Existing companies can always benefit from SEO improvements so this is crucial to everyone looking for a website designer.

    The  5 questions above are some of the most important to ask a prospective designer for your business. Be sure to ask all other questions that come to your mind, as they will all help you choose the best web design agency possible.


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