Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is a user-friendly and affordable CRM software, particularly for Microsoft Office users. While there are some missing features, the product remains a simple solution with minimal headache and an appealing uptime guarantee. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online interface looks and feels a lot like Windows 8. The menu system is easy to navigate and includes quick access to sales, marketing, and other relevant options. You also have the possibility to switch between dashboards and to customize each dashboard with the metrics and information you value the most.

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    Make Microsoft Dynamics CRM your ally, not your adversary.
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    • Marketing Media : A Microsoft Dynamics CRM Agency

      Marketing Media is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM expert, which means that our CRM specialists knows how to install, configure and optimize it.

    • We have helped more than 200 businesses

      Marketing Media has known CRM solutions for a long time and we have helped a lot of businesses with various CRM technologies.

    • We are the professionals

      Marketing Media has a team of CRM specialists who is working hard in order for you to obtain results and generate profits.

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    We believe that a CRM is a critical part of any effective digital business development platform. Our business has more that ten years of experience CRM systems’ integration with our clients; we work with more than a dozen different programs.

    We're here to help:

    • Scale and grow your business
    • Get the functionalities you really need
    • Take control of your sales channels

    Integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with your business!

    In order to improve your efficiency, we provide the technology for fully integrated commerce solutions for B2C and B2B businesses. This enables e-commerce retailers to deliver a consistent customer experience across all channels and touchpoints.

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    Get more from Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    When it comes time to develop an online shop, do business with experienced professionals who will advise you. Management of the inventory in the process of payment and delivery, our solutions are there to make your life easier.

    • Take control of your online channel
    • Scale and grow your business
    • Get the functionalites you really need

    Why choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

    This customer relationship management (CRM) solution provides the best services for mid-size and larger organizations. It offers industry-specific solutions that meet the needs of various industries, including government, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, retail and education.

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM online presents strong capabilities in sales force automation, customer data management, marketing automation, customer service and analytics.

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    We have at heart to offer a personalized service that takes into account your needs, while being tailored to your business needs. Our team 's mission is to optimize the performance of your sales!

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