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    Drive Sales with Facebook: THE GUIDE FOR RETAIL MARKETERS

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    In this guide, we’ll share how you as a retailer can best market across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. For each of your key objectives, we’ll show you how to align with the customer journey.

    Each retailer is unique and has its own specific goals and challenges. Based on your objectives, we will help you plan, set the foundation and provide the toolkit to help you keep up with potential customers. We’ll also take you through solutions to measure true business value.

    Whether you’re entirely new to digital marketing or have already seen success with it, this guide is designed to help all retail marketers get the most out of their campaigns.

    Ben’J Thibeault

    About Ben’J Thibeault

    Armed with a strategic mind and an eye for great creative, Ben’J Thibeault leads the web development team. In addition to his experience in digital marketing, Ben’J suceed a BAA in Marketing and a MBA in Marketing. He helped launch in the growth of many websites and selling his own e-commerce business..

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