SAP ERP software systems provide specific, high-tech solutions to large businesses, including project management, logistics and back-end customer service. SAP's work with a variety of industries makes its ERP software solutions some of the most versatile on the market. However, that versatility comes with the need for technical acumen above what is required with some other ERP solutions. SAP works directly with you to customize solutions that work for aerospace and defense, life sciences, healthcare, oil and gas, retail, etc.

    Connect and manage your business with SAP ERP!

    From financial and supply chain management to manufacturing and operations, our consulting agency is specialized in SAP ERP!

    • Marketing Media : A SAP ERP Agency

      Marketing Media is a SAP ERP expert, which means that our CRM specialists knows how to install, configure and optimize it.

    • We have helped more than 200 businesses

      Marketing Media has known ERP solutions for a long time and we have helped a lot of businesses with various ERP technologies.

    • We are the professionals

      Marketing Media has a team of ERP specialists who is working hard in order for you to obtain results and generate profits.

    Develop your business with the right strategy!

    SAP ERP gives you the tools you need to connect and manage your entire business, from financial and supply chain management to manufacturing and operations, with the insight you need to make smart decisions. Our business has more than ten years of experience with a dozen different ERP systems’ integration.

    We're here to help:

    • Scale and grow your business
    • Get the functionalities you really need
    • Take control of your operations

    Get the funtionnalities you need with SAP ERP!

    In order to improve your efficiency, we provide the technology for fully integrated commerce solutions for B2C and B2B businesses. This enables e-commerce retailers to deliver a consistent customer experience across all channels and touchpoints.

    Project management
    Supply chain management
    Customer Relationship Management
    Human Resources

    Get more from SAP ERP

    When it comes time to develop an online shop, do business with experienced professionals who will advise you. Management of the inventory in the process of payment and delivery, our solutions are there to make your life easier.

    • Take control of your online channel
    • Scale and grow your business
    • Get the functionalites you really need

    Why choose SAP ERP ?

    SAP ERP is one of the most powerful and well-integrated enterprise resource planning software packages on the market today. Despite its many competitors, it managed to remain one of the most popular and sought-after solutions and in the process, also clinched a large share of the market.

    The application is intuitive with straight-forward usability. It integrates HCM (human capital management), CRM (customer relationship management), finance, business sales and service, manufacturing, logistics and materials management and procurement.

    Trust the Professionals at Marketing Media
    to advice you with your Enterprise ressource planning (ERP)

    We have at heart to offer a personalized service that takes into account your needs, while being tailored to your business needs. Our team 's mission is to optimize the performance of your business!

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