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    GMAIL for Business

    • Email, IM, video and audio chat.
      Each user has 30 GB storage space for IM and email; 50 times more than the average capacity of existing messaging services
    • Instant access to your email, anytime, anywhere.
      Gmail for business is a secure service provided by the web. You can stay productive and active at your desk, on the road, at home and on your mobile phone, even when you’re offline.
    • Less spamming
      Gmail for Business has a powerful filter to block all spam so you can concentrate on what’s important. You can also customize your filtering tool to suit your needs
    • Ultrafast email search
      Minimize the organisation time of your IM and find your emails in a snap, through research managed by Google.
    • Interoperability with Blackberry and Outlook
      Before you leap to Gmail for business, you can use other messaging interfaces with which you are familiar.

    More Information

    • you@yourcompany.com
      Choose an email address that matches the name or web address for your business.

    • Your email on your mobile
      Gmail for Business automatically adapts to most mobile phones: Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows home. Gmail can detect and send emails from any device that has a Web browser.

    • Offline support
      Offline Google Mail application for Google Chrome allows you to write and read email without having an Internet connection. Your drafts are sent and your inbox will make a synchronisation the next time you will have an Internet connection.

    • Inbox space for everything
      Gmail for business offers you a lot of space where you can stock up to 30 GB per user, with the possibility to buy more, if needed. This means you can save all email that you judge important without wasting your time in reorganizing your inbox to free up space.

    • Powerful search
      Do not waste any more time searching! The efficient search function allows you to find exactly what you are looking for, by performing a thorough scan, of your emails, labels and documents, directly in your inbox with the quick search function of Google Search Engine.

    • Filters and labels
      You can create labels to classify, organize and browse your emails. Apply powerful filters that will help you label and automatically classify new emails according the rules you have chosen.

    • Works with Google Calendar
      When you receive an email concerning an event, add it to your calendar in one click. All information (time, place, participants) are automatically added.

    • Email Delegation
      If another user assists you in your inbox management, simplify the procedure by delegating access to your email. This access will allow him to read, send and delete on your behalf.

    • Desktop email client
      If you already use a customer desktop email, like Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook, nothing prevents you from continuing to use it with Gmail for Business. Gmail remains compatible with POP and IMAP protocols, and with Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook.

    • Your own personal translator
      Are your employees, partners or suppliers send you emails in languages you do not understand? Gmail automatically detects emails that are not in your language and translates them for you in one click!

    • Reliability and security
      Gmail for Business is designed to be secure and reliable with functionalities like 2-step authentication, encrypted connections to Google servers, attachment overviews for browsers, integrated disaster recovery, anti-spam filter, replicated storage for simultaneous emails and sender authentication.

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