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    Google Apps for Business:
    Quick and precise applications to make your life easier!

    Google Apps for Business allows you to have 30 GB Storage capacity by user, while benefits from a powerful spam filter, mobiles, interoperability and availability level of 99,9 %.

    • GMAIL for Business: 25 Go of Storage, minimal spam level, enhanced security, creation of your own business email, guaranteed availability level of 99,9 %. More (link)
    • Google Calendar: Effective and solid time management, sharing of multiple online calendars, synchronicity with mobile calendar. More (link)
    • Google Drive: Creating and sharing documents ( Word, Excel, presentation), simultaneous work on the same document, online work without attachments. More (link)
    • Google Sites: Meeting and activities planning, collaboration on team projects, project preparation. More (link)
    • Google Groups: Mailing list management, easy sharing of calendars, documents, sites and videos between team members. More (link)
    • Hangouts: Lively and dynamic video chat with your network members any time, any where. More (link)
    • Google Mobile: Benefit from all the advantages of Google Apps from your Blackberry, iPhone and Android. More (link)

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