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    Marketing Media specializes in the structuring and implementation of a cloud computing solution customized for your business. Google Apps for business is an accessible, easy and economical solution. As a proud Google Apps authorized dealer, Marketing Media assists you during the migration from your current system to Google Apps while maximizing your business potential.

    Do like many Quebec companies and benefit from Marketing Media expertise to effectively succeed in the deployment and integration of Google Apps for Business in your own company. Our proven methods ensure transparency with users and our personalized approach to change management encourages collaboration and productivity.


    Infrastructure Analysis

    In order to sucessfuly implant Google Apps, Marketing Media must do a thorough analysis of your current IT infrastructure. Marketing Media revises all the features of your IT and targets the elements to take into consideration when deployment in imminent. This analysis will not bother the course of your daily activities. This analysis’ goal is to anticipate changes to come.



    Before implementing Google Apps in your business, Marketing Media performs extensive configuration to meet your business environment. For the entire domain, Google Apps settings are required to be validated and the available options are enabled by default. Thereafter, Marketing Media deploys targeted tools that adapt to your infrastructure, by using specialized software.


    Data Migration

    The transition to Google Apps requires a data migration to Google services. With multiple data migrations to his credit, Marketing Media adapts to all e-mail management plateforms (Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, etc.). Migrated information compliance is guaranteed by specialized software.


    System Intergration

    Google Apps is a suite of collaborative and customizable applications, which integrates seamlessly with a technological structure already in place. Marketing Media will install Google Apps, according to your needs and taking into consideration the software you already use. Google Apps have several programming interfaces (APIs) that allow you to create applications that match your needs


    Change Management

    We are concerned about helping you to adapt your vision of individual and teamwork and overall company vision. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to increase your productivity and efficiency at work, using Internet as a springboard for your technological innovations. In order to achieve this goal, each user must be fully familiar with his new work environment.


    Technical Support

    At Marketing Media, our specialized team is available to help you 24/7 and will make a technical follow up without any worries concerning the optimal functioning of your business application. In case of a major problem, our experts have direct access through a preferred channel. In addition, we offer you formation and assistance whenever you need it.


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    Google Apps for Business
    24-hour Technical Support via Internet, phone or Email  
    Flash Panel by Marketing Media  
    Online access to a «cloud community»  
    Videos, newsletters and monthly workshops to keep you up to date  
    Free priority case escalating with Google  
    Cost per user 50 $ 50 $

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