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    Google Calendar

    Organize your time quickly and efficiently

    Because each moment counts in a business, Google Calendar is an outstanding tool for planning and organizing meetings between each member of your team.

    • Meeting organisation
      You can overlay multiple calendars to determine the availability of your team. Thus, Google Calendar can send an invitation to each and update the answers.

    • Calendar Publishing
      You can find external company events by publishing a calendar available to everyone in the Google Calendar gallery. You can make known events outside of the business by publishing a calendar available to everyone in the Google Calendar Gallery. It is also possible to integrate agendas in Web pages.

    • Project Calendar Sharing
      You can share calendars with one individual, group or with all employees. Choose authorization share options to ensure data confidentiality and security.

    • Integration into your messaging system
      Google Calendar is integrated into Gmail for business and works with most applications.

    • Access Google Calendar from your mobile
      You can view and edit event details, add events and invite mobile devices users, such as Blackberry and iPhone. An event has been changed? You will instantly get a notification of the calendar by SMS.

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