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    How to find a quality E-commerce web designer

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    In recent years, advancement in technology and access to information on the internet have combined to simplify the website development process. Setting up a business website no longer requires a degree in computer science. Templates allow users to build a website quickly using established layouts and features. However, while these templates eliminate the need for individual coding skills, their design does not reflect a website built by a professional. A trained e-commerce website designer can engineer a website to not only function seamlessly, but to lure customers and encourage sales as well.

    1. A strong portfolio
      Many prospective e-commerce web designers will emphasize their artistic prowess in their portfolio. However, as a business the primary objective is to move products or services, a good web designer will use art to influence consumers to make a purchase rather than simply drawing the eye. Their portfolio should also demonstrate an understanding of modern marketing concepts, such as the use of social media. Check out some websites the company has created previously, and see if they entice you to buy. Contact these former clients and ask them for feedback regarding the web designer.
    2. Industry knowledge
      The technology sector is constantly evolving, and the same is true for e-commerce and web design. Your e-commerce web designer should be abreast of new technology and developments in the field. For online businesses, a website serves as the face of the company and the only link with consumers. For an online business to stay competitive, it must be constantly capable of adapting to new marketing techniques and incorporating them immediately into the website.
    3. Risk assessment
      Managing risk is not just about minimizing potential dangers, but also the ability to recognize when a risk is worth taking. In the competitive world of online business, an e-commerce website should not be afraid to push the limits of innovation. A safe, staid portfolio is often not much better than the website templates available for free. A quality designer will be aggressive in taking risks and be able to conflate fresh ideas with existing marketing principles.

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