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    Intranet or Extranet? These two systems gather Internet services. However, they are not made for the same type of clientele. Marketing Media can create customized solutions for a centralized access to documents or even to directly access to databases such as MS-SQL, MySQL, Oracle and Access.

    Intranet is only accessible via computers plugged on the same local network or to a set of networks that are clearly defined by your organization. Accessible with a login (name user and password), Intranet provides your employees with access to documents about them: insurance claim forms, intern newsletters, pay stubs and more. Direct access to these documents can be customized according to the user (access rights’ configuration).

    Extranet is an extension of the information system specific to your company, made for partners that are outside of the network, like clients and company’s subsidiaries. Even if this system is neither Intranet nor a website, it provides a privileged access to reference documents or to your company’s services via a Web interface. It is essential that the access to Extranet is properly secured, because this system is specifically made for people who are outside the company.

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