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    Magento Development

    Complex Magento development is at the heart of our daily work. You must choose a trustworthy development partner and get a hassle-free, upgradable, bright future for all your e-commerce projects. If you are looking for a reliable, premium, cost-effective and certified Magento development service, Marketing Media is there for you.

    We have many years of Magento development experience and a brilliant team of certified Magento developers who have all the necessary skills in advanced development in Magento Enterprise and Magento Community platforms.

    Be assured that our teams will deliver a high-quality and stable product that will be thoroughly tested and built according to Magento highest standards in performance, security, upgrade path, and Magento modularity.


    1. Researching of project requirements
    2. Project quotation, project time-frames calculation
    3. Creating of detailed project specification
    1. Developement Stage X
    2. Testing od development Stage X
    3. Publication of Stage X for preview
    1. Testing entire project
    2. Project approval
    3. Project publication on live server


    Complex functionality for Magento

    Our team can easily develop any custom functionality to achieve any business process. Regardless of the logic’s complexity, we can successfully implement any functionality you like. Ambitious projects with complex custom functionality are the ones we enjoy the most!

    We know how to create functionality that will not only help you reach the desired workflow, but will also provide you with unexpected abilities.



    We pay great attention to quality assurance testing of main development stages and the publication stage. The final result should be perfect and worry-free.

    Our process is documented and constantly improved. We have inner testing checklists, knowledge base and QA engeneers who double check the main store features after each development stage;


    Magento integration with 3rd-party systems

    Our certified developers have extensive experience integration experience with third-party systems. During these years, our team has successfully integrated Magento with most kinds of third-party systems:

    • New payment systems
    • Custom shipping methods
    • 3rd-party gift certificates system
    • Marketplaces
    • Blogs/portals
    • POS systems
    • ERP systems
    • CRM systems
    • And many others

    Integration with third-party systems is our passion and we can easily integrate any system with Magento.


    Other development services for Magento

    Besides the services we mentioned above, we have experience in the following areas as well:

    • Advanced multi-domain/multi-store setup
    • B2B portal development
    • Magento architecture consulting
    • Installing and configuring 3rd-party modules
    • Semantic search implementation (SOLR, Sphinx)
    • Custom checkout modules development (One Page checkout, Amazon style checkout)

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