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    Magento Site from Scratch

    If you are building your online business from nothing or want to completely remodel an existing site, there are many options to consider, from the server and support to the complete development.

    You can always share the work between different teams. However, the correct way is to choose one team that will be completely responsible for your site.

    At Marketing Media, we can take care of all the aspects of your store lifecycle, from design and concept building to production and post-production. Among our team, we have certified Magento developers. Our project managers have successfully completed more than 100 projects.


    Our Process

    Before any project begins, our managing team clarifies all details with you, and then provide you with a schedule and project plan. We utilize Agile methodology for most of our projects in order for you to be able to check intermediate results of development and make corrections if necessary.

    Each element of functionality we create passes many tests:

    • Self-testing by the developer using acceptance checklists
    • Coding standards checking by the QA engineer
    • Functionality testing by the project manager
    • Code checking by the lead developer

    For these reasons, we are totally sure of our code and we will provide you with an extended guarantee for all the code we develop.


    Our usual Magento site process gathers:

    Design Creation

    The distinctive design of your store is essential for attracting customers and creating a successful business. Our team of experienced designers have dozens of Magento projects in their portfolio, so they know all about the details that are particular to Magento platform design. Be assured that your website’s final design will be 100% compatible with Magento.

    We can design your store from zero, from logotype to complete branding and identity design.

    Our experienced design team knows everything there is to know about building Magento oriented Web designs that will sell, will be user-oriented and attractive at the same time.

    Magento Theme Development

    If you already have a design or one created by our design team at a previous step, we will add it to the Magento platform with the highest quality possible.

    Our team of certified Magento developers will implement a pixel-perfect design theme for your store that will be SEO optimized, cross-browser tested, performance optimized and W3C-standards validated.

    We take the time to fully check all store pages to ensure they match the design concept, so you can be sure that the store will be totally styled and ready for selling.

    Functionality Development

    Your Magento store should contain personalized features that make your company unique. Otherwise, you may need to integrate Magento to your favorite CRM/ERP/POS, etc.

    Marketing Media has many years of experience in the creation and development of complex functionality for Magento. This way, any custom solution is possible with our team of Magento developers.

    Data Transfers

    If you need to transfer your store to Magento from another platform or just wish to add your catalog in a Magento store, you will need a data transfer solution.

    Our team of experts gather many years of experience to perform data transfers with minimal data losses.

    We have successfully transferred our clients to Magento, from the following platforms:


    Mobile Support

    We truly understand the importance to support mobile platforms these days. We offer a Magento mobile theme (designed and style according to the store’s main design) for each Magento site that we develop. This is a free offer for all our projects.

    Responsive design is another solution to support mobile platforms and we are able to develop responsive design as well.

    Magento & Server Optimization

    We do full performance testing on each project we work on. From the beginning, we develop all functionality (including frontend design) based on best performance practices.

    Also, we perform a complete configuration of the server to create the best performance for your Magento store. This solution allows us to attain the highest performance for your Magento store.

    Further Support

    We fully understand that opening your online store is just the beginning of your journey. So, we will continue to give you our full support even after your project is opened.

    We provide you with support packages that will help you keep your Magento in good shape.

    We also offer you issue-based support. Our support solution is easy and flexible and allows you to focus on your business while our specialized team takes care of all the technical elements.

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