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    Magento support

    Technical support is most crucial and guarantees your e-commerce success. Make sure that every aspect of your Website is up-to-date, stable, fast, secure and error-free.

    At Marketing Media, we understand the importance of constant support, and that is why we provide you with two supports solutions for Magento Community and Magento Enterprise online store owners.

    Our team of certified developers will verify the state of your online store and resolve problems before they affect your Website. You can choose our support subscription solution to make sure your store is healthy at all time.


    Standard support service

    • Server status monitoring
    • Magento errors monitoring
    • Logs monitoring
    • Cache monitoring
    • Database index monitoring
    • Performance monitoring
    • Immediate application of security patches


    Extended support service

    Extended support service includes all aspects of standard plan plus:

    • Development copy creation
    • Free Magento upgrades
    • Backup configuration
    • Malware scans and investigations
    • Anti-virus scans and investigations


    Issue based support service

    Aside from support packages, we also offer problem-based support. If you wish to have custom services, like performance optimization, e-commerce consulting, and usability analysis, we provide this servic

    Our support solution is flexible and allows you to concentrate on your business while our team of specialists takes care of all the technical points.

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