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    Magento Upgrade

    The Magento upgrade is an essential phase in the life of your e-commerce.

    At Marketing Media, we provide you with affordable, high-quality upgrades solutions for both Magento Community and Magento Enterprise editions.

    Our team of certified Magento developers have successfully completed many upgrades (see our upgrade showcase below). Our great experience has helped us create an exceptional upgrade process that guarantees your ecommerce will be upgraded, tested and published online.

    We understand how important are professional store publication, post-launch support and upgrade warranty; not only for the final results, but also for overall development and upgrade process quality.


    Why do you need a professional upgrade service?

    When it comes to professional upgrades, Magento is a remarkable system. Its modular and core upgrades are semi-automatic. Still, each Magento store presents different features and needs. Each store has different 3rd party modules, custom design themes, customizations and so on.

    For this reason, Marketing Media strongly recommends that your upgrade is supervised and implemented by a responsible, certified Magento specialist, with extensive experience in many Magento upgrade projects.

    The most crucial step of the upgrade is quality testing. This process helps to avoid many problems in the future: it is better to investigate and fix any issue prior to publication, so problems will not show when put online.


    Why upgrade Magento?

    • Security patches
    • Bug fixes, stability
    • Better speed, code optimization
    • New features and improvements.

    See the full list of all improvements in the official release notes and knowledge base documentation.


    What is included into our turnkey upgrade service?

    Our turnkey upgrade solution includes the following elements:

    • 6-month development warranty for upgrade service
    • Creation of the development copy
    • Magento code and modules audit
    • Magento core upgrade and issues fixing
    • Magento database upgrade and issues fixing
    • Magento theme design upgrade and issues fixing
    • 3rd party modules upgrade
    • Testing of the upgraded store
    • Publication of the store and database synchronization
    • Post-launch support
    • Upgrade warranty


    Upgrade Warranty

    Marketing Media offers its clients 6-month warranty for upgrade projects because we are very confident about our work. The warranty covers any upgrade-related problem; this includes the free application of urgent security patches.

    Our upgrade warranty includes:

    • Free application of urgent security patches and fixes released by Magento (within the same Magento branch e.g. Magento EE 1.14.x.x or Community 1.9.x.x).
    • Free fixes of upgrade-related issues.



    Our main concerns in our turnkey upgrade solution are quality, safeness, and minimal downtime.

    Before we proceed with the actual upgrade, we work on a development server. We run a test upgrade to verify how your store will behave.

    Here is the typical Magento upgrade project plan we follow:

    • Store copying:

      In this first step, we will copy you online store to our development serve, so your live store will work safely.

    • The upgrade on the development server, solving issues:

      We do a trial upgrade in our development server; transferring the online store database, Magento main design them and modules to the new version format.

      We test everything on our development server so we are able to fix any occurring problem.

      We offer you the web access to your upgraded store, so you will be able to see the upgraded version prior to publication.

      After your confirmation, we will schedule the best time to publish the upgrade, pick the publication strategy, create a backup of the former store, verify server setting and disc space, and prepare everything for publication.

    • Data synchronization:

      During publication, we do database synchronization in order for you to get the latest Magento version with all the latest orders, customers and products.

    • Store publication:

      Finally, we test the published store just to ensure that the store upgrade is complete.


    Upgrade showcase

    Below, you can check many Magento popular stores that were successfully upgraded by Marketing Media’s team. (Add actual Magento stores that MM worked on)
    For more real examples, please refer to upgrade showcases, published in our blog.


    Ready for upgrade?

    If you are a new client and you are ready to begin your project, do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with a free quote. We will contact you shortly.

    However, if you are an experienced Magento developer, you are able to upgrade your store yourself. Marketing Media can provide you with the latest Magento upgrade guide that was officially featured in the Ecommerce Library on Magento.com



    At Marketing Media, we quote each upgrade project separately. Our price for each Magento upgrades solution depends on a certain factors that include 3rd party modules quality, core/hack customization, platform edition and version.

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