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    Marketing Media releases Stemfootwear.com

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    “On September 15th, we simultaneously launched our product and new website, www.stemfootwear.com,  and opened the flood gates to taking orders on our new 3dcart site. In the first 30 minutes only, we had over 45 orders; in 6 hours we reached 100 orders, and in 24 hours, we had over 180 orders. The past three weeks have been just the same, and we barely skipped a beat. It is so cool to know that while we’re sleeping, our website is hard at work, making money. We are are now proud to say that we are an International company and that we ship to over 22 different countries, including Australia, Belgium, Bermuda, Canada, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Russia, and many more.

    We thank 3dcart.com and the guys at MarketingMedia.ca for their support in making our launch a success. Christian and his team at Marketing Media.ca got us set up with an awesome, customized and professional template design, and 3dcart provides support for the back-end, which allows us to do everything we’ve dreamed of with our website. I wanted to save money at first and use an existing template, but Christian made me realized the importance of having our own unique design and user experience.

    I’m no expert in technology, but I learned the basic workings of 3dcart in just a few hours with their YouTube videos and support tutorials. Now I’m learning the more advanced features that even many multi-billion dollar companies aren’t using yet, such as group discounts, affiliate marketing, live chat with customers, and so on. 3dcart support has been there to answer my urgent questions 24/7 with their own live chat and 1-800 number. And for questions that require more explanation or screenshots, I email support@3dcart.com and get an answer back within an hour.”

    Thank you,
    Andrew Rademacher

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