For a long time now, Shopify has been one of the most efficient ecommerce platforms on the market. They recently entered the POS space with Shopify POS that allows the inventory to sync between online and offline. When you open an online store with Shopify, your products, orders, and customers are instantly synced up with your point of sale. This way, you never have to worry about updating two sets of inventory.

    Do business anywhere with Shopify POS!

    Make it easy for your customers to shop and buy with you.
    We are the marketing agency specialized with Shopify POS!

    • Marketing Media : A Shopify POS Agency

      Marketing Media is a Shopify POS expert, which means that our marketing specialists knows how to install, configure and optimize it.

    • We have helped more than 200 businesses

      Marketing Media has known Point of sale (POS) for a long time and we have helped a lot of businesses with various technologies.

    • We are the professionals

      Marketing Media has a team of Point of Sale (POS) specialists who is working hard in order for you to obtain results and generate profits.

    Sell anywhere with the right strategy!

    If you are running a bricks and mortar store along with a ecommerce store, and not using a POS system, Shopify POS can make you save time and energy, as well as improve your productivity and sales.

    We're here to help:

    • Scale and grow your business
    • Get the functionalities you really need
    • Take control of your marketing channels

    Experience the future of retail now!

    In order to improve your efficiency, we provide the technology for fully integrated POS solutions for B2C and B2B businesses.
    This enables e-commerce retailers to deliver a consistent customer experience across all channels and touchpoints.

    Get more from Shopify POS

    Whether you are just about to hang the “Open for Business” sign on your front door or that you have a small business that is ready to expand, you will need to think about your point of sale system (POS). Do business with experienced professionals who will advise you. Our solutions are there to make your life easier.

    • Take control of your online channel
    • Scale and grow your business
    • Get the functionalites you really need

    Why choose Shopify POS

    By offering a reasonable pricing structure, intuitive design, and thorough customer support system, Shopify POS has taken the small business world by surprise. Like its online shopping cart, this software is efficient, well-made, and unbelievably easy to use.

    If you are a small-to-medium retail business owner already using Shopify for an ecommerce, and are looking for software that is intuitive and inexpensive, this one is for you.

    Trust the Professionals at Marketing Media
    with your Point of Sales (POS) strategy!

    Your POS system is the heart of your operations. However, choosing a POS system can quickly become overwhelming. We did all the hard work for you to help you find the right POS system for your business. We are concerned about offering a personalized service that considers and fits your business’ needs. Our team's mission is to optimize your sales’ performances!

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