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    PSD to Magento

    Marketing Media provides you with high-quality Magento theme development for Magento Enterprise and Magento Community platforms.

    If you already have a design concept or wish to create a Magento e-commerce, you will need professional Magento theme developers who can convert Photoshop design into a great-looking, ready-to-open Magento store.

    Due to Magento’s complexity and its abrupt learning curve, it is a logical decision to find a team of certified Magento with extensive experience in Magento responsive and mobile themes development.


    Magento theme development features

    Our design conversion solution includes creation of Magento themes, development of personalized Ajax/JQuery elements, development of extra Magento features and, finally, speed theme optimization.

    The final result of our PSD to Magento service is a high-quality built Magento e-commerce website with a custom look and feel.

    Our team of certified Magento developers will develop a Magento theme according to the highest quality practices.


    Nain features of our psd to Magento service:


    Pixel perfect design conversion and development

    Our team of developers can deliver pixel perfect Magento themes and design. Be assured that your store be entirely styled and beautiful for your potential customers.

    Cross browser compatibility testing

    To optimize you sales, your store should look perfect in all of the many browsers present on the Web. Your Magento store must be able to support all the following browsers: Apple Safari, Microsoft Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome. We also use native platforms for cross browser testing such as Apple Safari (both mobile and desktop versions).

    W3C validation

    W3C validation is crucial for search engines and SEO website rank. If your goal is to increase your traffic and store ranking, you, you have to make sure that your future theme will support W3C standards.

    Extension-ready and upgrade-ready Magento theme development

    It is essential to create Magento themes keeping future upgrades and possible new modules extensions in mind. An approach such as this one allows our clients to reduce the costs of Magento upgrades and expand your store more easily.

    Following Magento SEO and Semantic standards

    We pay great attention to all details such as SEO and Semantics aspect of theme building. Following established semantics standards is most important for good ranking in search engines. Also, we include the integration Google Rich Snippets (schema.org) in each theme development project, as it is, in fact, standard, these days.

    Speed optimization

    In accordance with Google policy, website load time is one of the most important factors for Google. At Marketing Media, we utilize the most recent technologies to enhance store speed, even when still at the theme building stage. We use Sprites technology, JS/CSS optimization, graphics optimization, and other methods to diminish load time and your server resources load.

    Mobile theme development

    Nowadays, a rather high percentage of people have a mobile device, in forms of smartphones and tablets. For this reason, brands and themes have to be built and ready to look their best on iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Every Magento theme that we design includes a mobile theme style in accordance with your main store style guide.

    Responsive theme development

    In extension of mobile theme development, we can also create a true responsive Magento theme that will perfectly represent your brand and identity on any device: desktop wide screens, tablets, iPads, iPhones, Android mobile gadgets and so on.

    Our Magento theme development portfolio

    We invite you to check out the Magento Enterprise and Magento Community stores of our satisfied clients in our portfolio.

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