Accurate phone call metrics

    Call tracking

    Marketing Media offers to all its clients a fully integrated call tracking solution. Through our platform, we can monitor, measure, record, and score calls generated by your advertising efforts.

    With dynamic phone number insertion (a technique that consists in routing a call to various phone numbers on your site based on the visitor’s source), Marketing Media can show you accurate cost-per-call data for each of your campaigns.

    All of our clients can access our software platform through a private login screen, where they can listen to phone calls in real time.

    All phone call data is linked to your Google Analytics profile, and phone calls appear as goals on your analytics reporting package. We can easily help you define the exact cost of each call, as well as the exact ROI from the Adwords campaigns we manage.

    Cool features

    Available with Call Tracking:

    • Track all your online and offline advertising campaigns.
    • Dynamic Display will show phone numbers on your website based on the advertising channel they came from.
    • Instantly see information about the call (Ad, Keyword, Page Views, and History).
    • Route calls to one or more receiving phone numbers.
    • Geo-route calls to the office closest to the caller.
    • Setup call queues and instantly route calls to the next available agent.

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    We have managed AdWords Campaigns for over 10 years across Canada and United States. We have Google Certified experts who specialize in Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Google Shopping, and YouTube Video Advertising.

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