Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization

    Turn more of your visitors into buyers

    Improve your site’s conversion rates and your bottom line with our ecommerce conversion rate optimization services.

    What can you expect?

    Our marketing consultants will make recommendations to improve your conversion rate through an in-depth analysis of your website.

    We’ll also make recommendations that clearly show what you can implement right away and what might require professional help.

    Report that includes:

    • Credibility analysis
    • Conversion funnel analysis
    • Checkout process analysis
    • Google Analytics implementation with ecommerce tracking
    • Abandoned cart analysis
    • One-hour phone consultation
    • Comprehensive conversion report
    • Website usability and navigability analysis
    • Analysis of calls-to-action on your key pages

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much involvement is required from me?

    You’ll initially submit a questionnaire to give us a better idea of which marketing efforts you are currently using. Additionally, a call after the analysis is included with the service. In many cases, you’ll be responsible for making any suggested changes to your website or marketing programs. You can also hire Marketing Media to make and/or maintain those changes for you.

    Would I benefit from this service?

    Anyone willing to seek professional advice and make the necessary changes to improve the performance of their site is a good candidate for this service. Those who benefit most from this service have an established website design, have been running various marketing campaigns, and are looking to make changes to the elements on their site.

    How many pages do you look at on my website? Do you look at every page?

    It’s impossible, given the time provided, to look at every page on your website. However, we identify the pages that usually have the greatest impact on your conversion rate. These include your homepage, company information pages, sample category and product pages, as well as the checkout process.

    How long does it take to achieve these results?

    Results from the Conversion Consulting services are dependent on whether you implement the changes suggested. Implementing the suggested short-term recommendations is likely to result in the quickest results.

    Can you guarantee an increase in conversions from the Conversion Consulting services?

    Marketing Media can’t guarantee an increase in conversions from our Conversion Consulting services. Although we provide the best advice to effectively market your products and website, there are several outside elements that undeniably affect your bottom line. However, should you implement our recommendation, we feel confident that you’ll see a positive impact on conversions.

    Do you implement the suggested changes to my website?

    In many cases, you can easily make the changes to your website and marketing campaigns. However, if you’d like us to run your paid search campaign, provide SEO consulting, or create new landing pages for you, take a look at our ecommerce service offerings. If you’d like to make code alterations to your website, that service is an additional fee depending on the requested changes.

    How long is the Conversion Consulting process?

    The whole Conversion Consulting process generally takes 4 weeks from the date of your purchase. This allows us enough time to understand your business and complete a detailed analysis of the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Once the analysis in finalized, we consult with you on the best way to implement the recommended changes to achieve the results you’re seeking.

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