At Marketing Media, we are specialized in managing Google AdWords campaigns. We are proud to work with dozens of businesses in Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere.

    Our various customer base gave us enough experience (and continues to do so) managing AdWords via diverse industries. In fact, Marketing Media is one of the most experienced and quickest growing Google AdWords businesses on the market. Our main goal is to help you reach the highest summits with your Google AdWords campaign.

    Google Adwords Campaigns

    Creating and managing a search marketing campaign on Google can be pricy, especially without careful planning. Google AdWords was created to be easy to use, and, for this reason, it is easy to purchase extensive keywords and bust your budget without generating a single email or call. At Marketing Media, our objective is to maximize every dollar invested on Pay-Per-Click advertising and to ensure that you pay only for quality website traffic and visitors.

    Do you know what your impression share is?

    Keyword Tuning

    Hyper-local Search tends to change the way people look for services and goods on the Web. You must remember that because you pay Google every time a visitor clicks on your advertisement, it is mandatory that you exclude keywords that generate low-quality traffic. Your ads and keywords must be focused and refined on geo-localised results.

    Do you know which keywords drive the best traffic to your site?


    Since people are searching locally more than ever, specific geographic targeting is another way to focus your PPC campaign even more. It is crucial that both advertisements and keywords target the local search. What areas are most valuable to your business?

    Do you know what your impression share is?

    Settings & Experiments

    There are many steps to follow in order to build an effective Google AdWords campaign. It may take some time, even for the most well-organized businesses.

    What delivery method does your campaign use?

    Site Speed Optimization

    Often neglected, your landing page’s speed is a vital element in how Google decides what you pay for each click. Speed is critical for you to achieve top positions on both paid and organic search. While it remains possible to overcome a slow site by bidding more, our goal is to make you save money and optimize your ad dollars. Properly developed code and easy website upgrades will help you guarantee a quick and pleasant experience.

    Enhanced campaigns

    Does your business benefit from all the new features available on AdWords? Do you use the review extensions and the new call out? Does your campaign have specific mobile and location-based bid adjustments?

    Marketing Media’s team of AdWords specialists are always on the lookout for the latest developments in search marketing. By working with us, you will learn how to improve your Google AdWords Campaigns today.

    Give your site a Boost with PPC

    Bring buyers to your store instantly with targeted pay-per-click advertising

    Ecommerce pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a great way to promote your store and bring motivated buyers directly to your products. Our paid search professionals will create, manage and optimize your PPC to get the biggest bang for your buck.

    PPC Management Plans

    Initial Phone Consultation
    Monthly Phone Consultation
    Google Analytics Setup
    Campaign Tracking Link Implementation
    Google Adwords Conversion Tracking Setup
    Targeted Keyword Research & Analysis
    Creation of Campaigns, Ad Groups and Ad Copy Limitations apply Unlimited Campaigns, Ads and Keywords
    Campaign Optimization
    Campaign Monitoring & Bid Management
    Monthly Reporting Basic Advanced
    Access to AdWords & Analytics Account
    Dedicated PPC Specialist
    Assistance w/3rd party call tracking setup**
    Local PPC*  

    * These items can be included as part of Custom PPC plan

    ** Additional charges and fees apply

    The AdWords Audit can help if:

    • You are spending money on AdWords but not getting the return you’d like to see
    • You want to reduce your AdWords costs but still maintain your online presence
    • You are new to AdWords and want to make sure your account is setup correctly
    • You are worried you might not be following paid search best practices

    Report that includes:

    • In-depth account analysis
    • Detailed ad text evaluation
    • Extensive keyword list assessment
    • Full inspection of overall account settings
    • Actionable recommendations

    What can you expect?

    Our professional paid search consultants will use their many years of experience to evaluate over 20 different aspects of your AdWords account to determine if they are in line with paid search best practices and ecommerce goals.

    The findings will be presented in a report with clear explanations, account screen shots, and actionable recommendations.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is your PPC service?

    Our Pay Per Click (PPC) management service leverages the years of experience our team has to help your company achieve its goals. Whether you’re looking to boost sales, increase leads, or just generate high-quality traffic for your site our team of skilled professionals can help you succeed!

    How is traffic qualified and targeted?

    Our team places ads for your business on major search engines, which appear when through the keywords we select and qualified through our creation of effective ad text for your business shoppers search for the products or services your business offers. Traffic is targeted.

    Does PPC guarantee sales?

    There is not guarantee on the number of conversions produced by clicks. There is, however, a correlation between effective PPC and added sales. Remember that there are many factors involved in producing sales such as design, pricing, product description, etc. We’ll get the traffic to your website, but it’s ultimately up to you to finalize the sale.

    Is Marketing Media a Google Partner?

    Google Partners is a new program geared towards pay-per-click (PPC) agencies. The program has a lot of benefits for our team but essentially shows our Marketing Media store owners that Marketing Media is a Google Partner agency, specializing in PPC services. Being in this program allows Marketing Media to show up in the Google Partners search (where those looking for PPC services can find accredited companies) and instills confidence in tour store owners by showing multiple members of our team as Google AdWords certified.

    Can’t I do it myself?

    Our team has years of experience in search engine marketing research and analysis. This allows us to determine the most effective and relevant keywords for your site and to create engaging ad copy that makes shoppers want to browse your site and buy your products. In order to be successful, your campaign needs to be monitored regularly, which is something our team will do while you focus on building your business. We make sure that your ads are doing what they’re supposed to – driving targeted traffic to your website.

    Do I have to be a Marketing Media customer to use your PPC services?

    The deliverable listed in our PPC plans are only for Marketing Media customers. Although we’re able to offer our PPC services if you’re using another ecommerce platform, we don’t implement tracking parameters and snippets on such websites – in that case, you’ll need to implement any code on you own.

    How do you help drive traffic to my site?

    Target audience. We will get to know your business and collaborate with you to identify your target audience so we can market your products to the right people. Keyword research. Once we determine your target audience, we use a variety of professional tools and techniques to select keywords that deliver the most relevant traffic for the lowest cost. Ad copy and landing pages. We write engaging ad copy and select relevant landing pages for each of your ads to give your traffic the best chance to convert into sales.

    Implementation. Every campaign is different – our team will implement your campaigns with the right mix of settings to achieve your objectives. Analysis. We continuously analyze campaign performance and perform regular optimization activities that help your campaign succeed.

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    Google Expert

    We have managed AdWords Campaigns for over 10 years across Canada and United States. We have Google Certified experts who specialize in Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Google Shopping, and YouTube Video Advertising.

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