At Marketing Media, we are specialized in managing Google AdWords campaigns. We are proud to work with dozens of businesses in Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere.

    Our various customer base gave us enough experience (and continues to do so) managing AdWords via diverse industries. In fact, Marketing Media is one of the most experienced and quickest growing Google AdWords businesses on the market. Our main goal is to help you reach the highest summits with your Google AdWords campaign.

    Google Adwords Campaigns

    Creating and managing a search marketing campaign on Google can be pricy, especially without careful planning. Google AdWords was created to be easy to use, and, for this reason, it is easy to purchase extensive keywords and bust your budget without generating a single email or call. At Marketing Media, our objective is to maximize every dollar invested on Pay-Per-Click advertising and to ensure that you pay only for quality website traffic and visitors.

    Do you know what your impression share is?

    Keyword Tuning

    Hyper-local Search tends to change the way people look for services and goods on the Web. You must remember that because you pay Google every time a visitor clicks on your advertisement, it is mandatory that you exclude keywords that generate low-quality traffic. Your ads and keywords must be focused and refined on geo-localised results.

    Do you know which keywords drive the best traffic to your site?


    Since people are searching locally more than ever, specific geographic targeting is another way to focus your PPC campaign even more. It is crucial that both advertisements and keywords target the local search. What areas are most valuable to your business?

    Do you know what your impression share is?

    Settings & Experiments

    There are many steps to follow in order to build an effective Google AdWords campaign. It may take some time, even for the most well-organized businesses.

    What delivery method does your campaign use?

    Site Speed Optimization

    Often neglected, your landing page’s speed is a vital element in how Google decides what you pay for each click. Speed is critical for you to achieve top positions on both paid and organic search. While it remains possible to overcome a slow site by bidding more, our goal is to make you save money and optimize your ad dollars. Properly developed code and easy website upgrades will help you guarantee a quick and pleasant experience.

    Enhanced campaigns

    Does your business benefit from all the new features available on AdWords? Do you use the review extensions and the new call out? Does your campaign have specific mobile and location-based bid adjustments?

    Marketing Media’s team of AdWords specialists are always on the lookout for the latest developments in search marketing. By working with us, you will learn how to improve your Google AdWords Campaigns today.

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    We have managed AdWords Campaigns for over 10 years across Canada and United States. We have Google Certified experts who specialize in Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Google Shopping, and YouTube Video Advertising.

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