A good understanding of Google Analytics will undoubtedly help you run a successful Internet campaign.

    If your website underperforms, you ROI probably starves and may damage your brand in the process. With sustained analytics data, Marketing Media can explain your website’s poor performance and help bring it back to profitability.

    At Marketing Media, our experienced consultants use advanced analytics software to gather all the needed information about your Website. Our current analytics package contains a weekly Google dashboard report that explains exactly paid visits, phone calls, conversion rate, keywords and Google Adwords spending.


    Let’s see how many of these questions you can answer correctly:

    • 1
      Is your Adwords account connected to your Analytics Account?
    • 2
      Did you set up any goals?
    • 3
      Is your bounce rate high?
    • 4
      How many people search for your business on a mobile device?
    • 5
      What is your mobile bounce rate?
    • 6
      What is your mobile bounce rate by campaign?
    • 7
      At what time of day do you get your best visits?
    • 8
      When was the last time you used Multi-Channel Funnels?
    Can you create a custom conversion report for repeat vs. new visitors from last month’s search campaign and compare it with the same period last year?

    If you can, please give us a call; we may have work for you…

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    We have managed AdWords Campaigns for over 10 years across Canada and United States. We have Google Certified experts who specialize in Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Google Shopping, and YouTube Video Advertising.

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