A good understanding of Google Analytics will undoubtedly help you run a successful Internet campaign.

    If your website underperforms, you ROI probably starves and may damage your brand in the process. With sustained analytics data, Marketing Media can explain your website’s poor performance and help bring it back to profitability.

    At Marketing Media, our experienced consultants use advanced analytics software to gather all the needed information about your Website. Our current analytics package contains a weekly Google dashboard report that explains exactly paid visits, phone calls, conversion rate, keywords and Google Adwords spending.


    Let’s see how many of these questions you can answer correctly:

    • 1
      Is your Adwords account connected to your Analytics Account?
    • 2
      Did you set up any goals?
    • 3
      Is your bounce rate high?
    • 4
      How many people search for your business on a mobile device?
    • 5
      What is your mobile bounce rate?
    • 6
      What is your mobile bounce rate by campaign?
    • 7
      At what time of day do you get your best visits?
    • 8
      When was the last time you used Multi-Channel Funnels?
    Can you create a custom conversion report for repeat vs. new visitors from last month’s search campaign and compare it with the same period last year?

    If you can, please give us a call; we may have work for you…

    Ecommerce Analytics Implementation

    Measure current success & discover new opportunities for your store

    Detailed ecommerce analytics data is crucial to making smarter site performance and online marketing decisions. Our analytics implementation experts will set up and integrate Google Analytics and Google Adwords Conversion Tracking within your site.

    This allows you to gain valuable insights into your site’s current performance as it relates to any metric you wish including: site traffic, top landing pages, social media performance, SEO performance, paid search ROI and much more.

    What can you expect?

    Eliminate budget inefficiencies by isolating underperforming search keywords, ads and online channels.

    Improve your revenue stream by focusing on channels and keywords with high conversion rates.

    Identify untapped search marketing opportunities to seize a larger market share.

    Site analytics services

    • Google Analytics Setup

      Includes Google Analytics code implementation with ecommerce tracking, three Analytics goals and report scheduling

    • Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Setup

      Includes Google AdWords Conversion Tracking implementation

    • Google Analytics and Adwords Conversion Tracking

      Includes Google Analitycs Setup service plus Google Adwords Conversion Tracking implementation

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between Analytics and AdWords Conversion Tracking?

    Google AdWords Conversion Tracking works within your Google AdWords account to let you see exactly which keyword from a specific ad group in a campaign resulted in a sale. Based on the number of sales and cost of clicks for a particular keyword, it will tell you what the cost per conversion is for that particular keyword. The data gathered through Google AdWords Conversion Tracking will help you to run a more effective Google AdWords campaign. (Please note: Google AdWords Conversion Tracking will not work on PPC accounts with Yahoo, MSN, or any other search network). Google Analytics tracks traffic from all online sources, and provides even more robust data.

    This includes: reporting on pageviews, time on site, bounce rate, visitor demographics, visitor loyalty, referring sources, mobile use, ecommerce sales figures and much more. The data presented in Google Analytics will provide you with the critical information needed to help you position and manage your business more effectively.

    I can see my conversion rate in my Marketing Media admin area. Why do I need Google AdWords Conversion Tracking?

    The conversion rate in your Admin Area will show you which ROI tracking links have resulted in conversions. The limitation, however, is that the default report does not provide the specifics of which keyword led to that conversion. For example, if you have 200 keywords in your Google AdWords campaign, you have no way of knowing which of those keywords are costing you money and which are actually making you money. This is where Conversion Tracking steps in.

    Will all of my sales be counted by the Google AdWords Conversion Tracking code?

    No form of conversion tracking can guarantee perfect accuracy, but a low level of error is considered acceptable so long as its effects are marginal in scope. If you offer PayPal as a payment option on your site, your actual order totals may not match the orders being counted through your Google AdWords Conversion Tracking code. Orders submitted through PayPal and Google Wallet take customers away from your site to complete their purchase. This means that unless the customer clicks the link provided by those companies after their order is complete return to your site, it is impossible for the order to be counted via your Google AdWords Conversion Tracking code. The reason this happens is because only information collected on your Marketing MediacOrderFinished.asp page is submitted to Google. Thus, any order information on a PayPal or Google Wallet “order completed” page will not be reported in your conversion tracking.

    What kind of ongoing account maintenance will I get?

    Both Google Analytics setup and Google AdWords Conversion Tracking setup services have a one-time implementation fee and do not include any ongoing support, maintenance or troubleshooting.

    Is Google AdWords Conversion Tracking instant?

    Once Google AdWords Conversion Tracking is set up it will take about one day for it to start reporting data. It’s important to remember that only orders coming in when the customer clicked on your ad(s) after the conversion tracking was setup will be counted. For example, if we set up your conversion tracking on the 15th of the month, only customers that clicked on your ad after the 15th of the month and then bought will be reported in your Google AdWords Conversion Tracking statistics. Any customers that clicked on your ad prior to the 15th and then bought will not be counted (unless they also clicked on the ad after the 15th as well). This means that over time your conversion tracking will become more accurate after the first few weeks. (Note: you can see when a customer clicked on your ad by going into the order and looking at the referral history.)

    Why is my conversion rate in Google Analytics different than my conversion rate in AdWords?

    The conversion rate reported in Google Analytics reflects the percentage of sales that resulted from all of your visitors, whereas the conversion rate reported in Google AdWords reflects the percentage of sales that resulted solely from the paid clicks generated throughGoogle AdWords.

    Can I set up multiple Google AdWords accounts and link them to the Google Analytics profile you are creating for me?

    No, only one Google AdWords account may be linked to a Google Analytics account. If you previously linked your Google Analytics account to a Google AdWords account and now want to link that same Google Analytics account to a new Google AdWords account, you’ll have to unlink the first Google AdWords account first.

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