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    A landing page is the destination page through which your visitors enter your website. Leading your potential customers to your Website is actually fairly easy; an adequate landing page design will convince them to remain on your site and to follow through with a specific action.

    At Marketing Media, we like to conduct A/B/C/D split testing with our clients, constantly testing and analysing website landing pages so we can measure and improve conversion rates and ROI.

    Microsite Design

    When creating a website for paid search traffic, you have to keep in mind four elements that can influence conversion.

    • Site Navigation
    • Website speed
    • Calls To Action
    • Mobile Readiness

    A paid click greatly differs from a referral, organic or direct visit. Since you pay for each visit from Google, you must optimize your opportunities for success.

    At Marketing Media, we can build a microsite or miniature version of their main website for our clients and focus on the essential elements of the products or services they offer. Microsite design allows us to maintain a greater level of control over our AdWords Campaigns. Conversion tracking is crucial for running a successful Web advertising campaign. Our task is to ensure that Google AdWords is perfectly tracked so we can deliver accurate ROI figures to our clients.

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