Over the last few years, customers increasingly rely on the mobile Web for researching, purchasing and discovering, which makes it even more important for companies like yours to have an efficient and strong mobile presence.

    What makes a good mobile site?

    Mobile homepage key points

    A desktop homepage serves mostly as an all-in-one welcome page, promotional space and messaging center. However, the mobile homepage should focus on connecting users to the content they are actually searching for.

    When it comes to mobile websites, speed should always be the priority. With over ten years of experience, Marketing Media recommends four principles if you wish to build a mobile homepage that quickly links users to what they want.

    • Keep calls-to-action front and center
    • Keep menus short
    • Make it easy to get back to the home page
    • Do not let promotions take up all the space

    Mobile forms and lead capture

    Whether it is about getting a quote, joining a newsletter or making a purchase, your user’s conversion experience should be as consistent as possible. We recommend the following tips to help create the best user experience at this crucial moment that precedes a conversion.

    • Design efficient and simple forms
    • Streamline the information entry fields
    • Provide visual calendars for dates
    • Provide real time form validation

    Overall mobile design

    Mobile users will surely notice and appreciate the little things you do to improve their experience. Once again, here are a few valuable tips to help you.

    • Optimize your entire website for mobile
    • Don’t make users pinch-to-zoom
    • Create tappable and expandable images
    • Tell users which screen orientation works best
    • Keep your user in a single browser window

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