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    If your site is slow, you’re losing customers!
    Slow websites hurt. Over 40% of visitors abandon sites that take 3 or more seconds to load, and search engines penalize slow sites as well. Fortunately, our experts can optimize the images and content of your website so it always loads like a dream.

    Google ranks websites on loading time. Often neglected, your website or or landing page’s speed is a critical aspect in how Google determines what you pay for each click. Speed is essential in attaining top positions in both natural and paid search. At Marketing Media, our hosting platforms offer lightning-fast shared cloud solutions, or independent dedicated hosting, depending which suits your needs better.

    Since it is a major Google ranking factor, it is important to regularly check your website’s speed. The faster it is, better are your chances to reach a higher position on Google. It does not end there: an effective and quick-loading website increases chances of conversion and PPC’s (Pay-per-click) cost. Also, website speed has a great impact on SEO and therefore, influences your positioning. Finally, choosing an efficient web hosting solution is essential for your website’s success.

    Marketing Media’s managed hosting offers peace of mind, by knowing that a professional and experienced company takes care of both your website and marketing needs.

    Our experts can speed up your website. Enjoy lightning-fast loading times with none of the hassle. Call us now to learn more.


    Marketing Media provides its clients with easy domain name registration at an affordable rate. Your domain name is the first thing your potential customers will see, so it needs to be catchy and to reflect your business’ values.

    Our team of specialists can help you pick a domain name that will not only make you stand out from the competition, but will also bring more conversion and quality traffic to your page and ultimately, generate profit.

    Please visit marketingmedia.ca and register your domain name today!

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    • Fully managed hosting
    • Reliable providers:
      Rackspace, Linode, Century Link



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