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      Display Advertising

      Advertising at its best!

      Display advertising and video advertising now play an important role in a mixed marketing strategy. Bring your target audience closer to your brand in an engaging and measurable way.

      Display advertising

      Get targeted online traffic fast!

      Since the early 90’s, Internet has completely changed the way we advertise. Internet changed the way in which people get informed and are exposed to media and advertising. These days, most online consumers will search the Web to make a decision on which company or product to choose. This is where Display Advertising comes into play.

      Finding the right platform for you

      A vast selection of advertising platforms exist to meet all sorts of marketing needs. We selected the most popular, for all their benefits.

      • Google (Google Display Network)
        In North America, 94% of the population can be targeted through Google Display Network, which can also reach 89% of all smartphone users. Your ad can be displayed on websites like LesPAC, The Weather Channel and La Presse. Google Display is by far the largest network for advertising online. It is definitely a must.
      • Yahoo and Bing
        With websites such as Outlook, MSN and Skype, Yahoo! Network and Bing offers several interesting platforms for online advertising, making it the perfect complement to Google.
      • Facebook ads
        Facebook Advertising brings exceptional demographic and interest-based targeting to your online mixed advertising. Facebook is currently the number one social network, with a penetration rate of 56% in North America. Canadians are the world’s biggest users of Facebook. 75% log on to Facebook more than once a day* and they can spend up to 20 hours per week. One of the greatest advantages of Facebook is that clients can be targeted very accurately (by age, gender, interest and geography). You can either bring visitors to your Website, or acquire fans for your Facebook page. Besides, in addition to awareness and conversion, fan status allows for starting a relationship and building loyalty with these clients.
      • YouTube
        Even as a rather neglected tool for advertising, YouTube offers great potential. If your company or products are dream-related (like spa, travel or automobiles), or your videos rely on humour (like Doritos, Budweiser or Old Spice), YouTube becomes an unavoidable medium that can be tapped for much cheaper than television.
      • LinkedIn
        In addition to conventional advertising, LinkedIn is ideal for recruiting and business networking. If you want to reach a specific group of professionals (e.g. lawyers), LinkedIn is the only medium to do so effectively.
      • Amazon
        Amazon now offers advertisers display graphical ads for products on its website. If you sell your products on Amazon, it’s definitively a must.
      • Price comparator websites
        If you have an online business and your products are sold at a competitive price, or if you are the only one offering a specific product, price comparison sites are becoming a great way to improve your sales. Most price comparison websites have an advertising offer. Such sites must be chosen very carefully. Not all of them are intended for your type of market, and return on investment can vary.

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