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      Social Media

      Which social media platform is best for your business?

      These days, there is an impressive number of social media networks, and they are not all necessarily useful for your business. Choose a limited number of social media where you can easily maintain a professional image and content, and above all, where you can be active. A regular presence can have many positive effects on your business. It can improve brand awareness, help your SEO, facilitate communication with customers as well as recruitment. Among the large number of social medias, we select those that have a better potential and that will best serve your interests.

      Which social networks should you choose
      for an effective social strategy ?

      What is Facebook?
      Facebook is currently by far the most popular social platform on the market. About 73% of the American population is registered and spend several hours a week on Facebook. All ages, occupations, genders, religions are represented and well identified. At this time, Facebook is definitely the best social media for your brand and for the relationship with your customers.

      Who is it intended for?
      All companies, without exception. Facebook is now seen as a essential asset to your business. Your customers expect you to be there, and, to some extend, not being there can be harmful.

      How is it used?
      You can share business information, events, promotions, news, interesting articles or even, but moderately, various facts concerning your business. You may use Facebook on a daily basis or several times a week.

      What is Twitter?
      Recognized as the second media platform, Twitter comes fourth in use and reaches 18% of the American population. Those who use it tend to do so on a daily basis to follow, share and comment on the news. Most users who follow a company are on the lookout for special offers, coupons, contests, etc.

      Who is it intended for?
      Everyone, but especially companies in the news, sports, marketing or stock exchange fields. If your company works in an area where things are immediate, Twitter is a must for you.

      How is it used?
      When an event worthy of mention happens. You can safely use it several times a day or once a week.


      What is LinkedIn?
      Founded in 2002, the LinkedIn network is designed to facilitate dialogue between professionals.

      Who is it intended for?
      Every company should at least have a profile page, but companies in the B2B sector and recruitment agencies should be active.

      How is it used?
      LinkedIn is useful for business networking and B2B. It is also a handy tool for recruitment. You can publish your business publications or share professional articles. Frequency is not very important.


      What is Google+?
      Google+ is the network that Google created in the hope of competing with Facebook. But it didn’t really take off. Although the network contains an impressive number of subscribers (540 million), there is very little activity. It contains mostly males (67%) in the field of IT and engineering. Google+ is mostly used for sharing contents.

      Who is it intended for?
      Everyone, but especially “geek” and ” tech savvy ” companies.

      How is it used?
      Google+ should especially be used and optimized for SEO and local SEO. As the level of activity is very low, there is no need to share more than once or twice a week. Google Places and Google Authorship are also very powerful for SEO. In addition, we suggest you to invite your customers and friends to write their positive comments on your business.


      What is YouTube?
      Created in 2005, YouTube is now owned by Google and is the number one video platform.

      Who is it intended for?
      If you have any interesting videos, including tutorials, training, conferences, or funny and viral commercials, this network is for you.

      How is it used?
      The content and quality of the videos must be impeccable: good lighting, dynamic editing and especially good sound quality. There is no need to be active on a daily basis. When you have a video, you upload it and start its promotion via YouTube and Facebook posts.


      What is Pinterest?
      In 2013, Pinterest reached third position in terms of popularity. Over 20% of the American population uses it and 84% are women. In addition, users of Pinterest usually have above average income.

      Who is it intended for?
      Do you have an online business and are your products primarily aimed at women? Do images of your products make people dream, such as jewelery, fashion, fine chocolate? This network is a must for you.

      How is it used?
      When used properly, this network has the greatest potential of all for return on investment. Pictures should be of high quality and you should promote sharing (pin) wherever it is relevant. Add photos as and when you have them.


      What is Instagram?
      Like Pinterest, Instagram is a network that focuses on photography, but it is not intended for the same people at all. Its users are mainly 18 to 30 years old, and many of them are amateur photographers. It is also one of the few social platforms that generates interest among African-American and Hispanic clienteles.

      Who is it intended for?
      Any company with a strong image in restaurants, fashion, architecture or design, and trying to reach the customers mentioned above.

      How is it used?
      Your images should be of great quality, even slightly artistic. Post regularly and particularly on special events.

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