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      User experience (UX/UI)

      Optimize your Website to attract users !

      Our user experience (UI) specialists conceive or improve your website to increase your return on investment (ROI).

      User experience (UX/UI)

      Improve user experience on your Website!

      By definition, the UI (user interface) designer is responsible for the overall design of the interface, clarity of navigation, route optimization and also content quality. His objective is efficiency. The UX (user experience) designer has a strategic role in injecting a storytelling experience and using it to create a feeling for the user. His goals consist in building trust and encouraging conversion.

      • Improve your website
      • Better spend and save
      • Attract consumers and sell

      What can we do
      to maximize your website performance?

      When creating and developing a user experience that will leave a strong impression, trust your project to experienced professionals who can advise you wisely.

      1. Tree structure
        The tree structure is the first step in designing a website’s optimized user experience. It’s also one of the most important steps in optimizing the SEO thereafter. At this stage, we decided how information will be gathered on the site to avoid overloading menus, which pages to display, in what order and under what names.
      2. Prototyping (Wireframe)
        Made by our UX / UI designers, the prototype is a model of the page, before it is sent to the graphic designer who will do the visual. We use this method for larger websites to improve the process, quality and delivery times.
      3. A/B Testing
        With Google Analytics, we can test two variants of the same page directly with your users. For example, we can have two home pages with differents colors, change the call to action, or rename some pages. The pages will be presented alternately so we can quickly determine which one works best. The possibilities are endless; almost everything can be tested.
      4. User testing
        Contrary to popular belief, users testing does not need to be laborious to be effective. With five participants or less, we already have tangible results that allow us to make recommendations for improving the website.

        User tests give us first impressions of neutral users and help detect problems with your website.

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