Using YouTube for video advertising allows your company to engage and reach potential customers on a new level. YouTube advertising gives you the opportunity to leverage your videos and promote your company on the planet’s second largest search engine. Marketing Media has a specialized team specifically certified in Advanced Video Advertising with YouTube. Learn how Marketing Media can promote your company on YouTube in the following ways.

    YouTube in-stream ads (Trueview)

    In-stream ads have the ability to play like a TV-style ad, before, during or after another video coming from a YouTube partner.

    Online viewers see five seconds of your advertised video and then choose to keep watching it or skip it.

    You pay only if they watch at least 20 seconds or to the end of the video.

    In-display ads (Trueview)

    Your business video ads appear beside other YouTube videos, or on websites within the Google Display Network.

    You only pay when a user actually chooses to watch your video.

    The way your ad appears depends on the publisher – a YouTube “suggested” video is shown on the picture.

    YouTube in-search ads

    Your video appears in a special ad section of the video search results on Google and YouTube video results.

    You only pay when a user actually chooses to watch your video.

    Type a popular search such as “mobile phones” into the YouTube search box to view a sample ad.

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