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    In a report presented by Symantec, they claim to have discovered 430 million new pieces of malware in 2015 alone. Cybercrime is now part of our daily lives and attacks are constantly on the rise. As a Prestashop website owner, you NEED to protect your Prestashop website from Security Vulnerabilities and your customers from Spear-Phishing and other related threats.

    Our statistics show that as much as ⅓ of all requests on a Prestashop website can be malicious. Hence, you can no longer rely on faith and luck to protect and secure your website.

    How can Marketing Media helps secure and improve your Prestashop website performance

    Marketing Media uses a holistic approach to security and performance that takes into account the short and long-term needs of Prestashop eCommerce retailers. All our servers are enhanced with the latest security measures to ensure continuous security and optimal performance.

    Why Prestashop retailers need to take security and performance seriously

    • The growth in online shopping continues to drive retail commerce to the web and onto mobile devices, which significantly increase exposure to malicious attacks.
    • The use of credit card data makes Prestashop website a prime and lucrative target.
    • Increasing regulatory pressure from credit card issuers makes enhanced security a must.
    • A security breach can be very harmful for your business reputation towards your customers and the search engines.
    • Tangible costs and legal fees of a security breach will far outpace the cost of a proactive Security Plan.
    Prestashop - Marketing Media

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