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    What is a digital agency?

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    A new media agency, also known as a digital agency, is a business that offers services that require technical development and creative development. Most of the products offered by digital agencies are web-based. Services typically range from e-mail marketing, web design, e-commerce design and micro-site design. More advanced services include banner advertising, viral campaigns, podcasting, search engine optimization, mobile or social application development and widget development.

    Types of digital agencies

    There are three different types of digital agencies. Although it may be hard to distinguish between the three types at first glance, further inspection will show that these agencies have less in common than one would think. Each type of digital agency offers services that differ from the other types of digital agency.

    A digital production company is a type of digital agency that produces various creative digital products based on a client’s briefings. The work can be produced from an agency briefing as well. Employees at a digital production company will use their knowledge of the Internet to improve the ideas supplied by the client. Employees of a digital production company will use their creative expertise, their digital expertise and their technical expertise to improve an idea and make it real.

    A digital idea company does not exactly create a digital product. Instead, digital idea companies are designed to help clients work through the digital media world. A digital idea company employee will help various clients create specific ideas. The ideas that a digital idea company creates will likely go to a digital production company at a later date.

    Why these agencies are known as digital agencies

    A few years ago, the term ‘digital’ was only used to define the Internet. Now the term ‘digital’ is used to define social networks, mobile networks, kiosks, digital OOH and software. The term ‘digital’ is now used to describe a completely different media outlet. Various company brands have to use many different marketing channels in order to let consumers know about their specific company or product. Digital media professionals market a company through digital methods. This is not like marketing a company through the radio, print orTV.

    What are digital brand ideas?

    There is a difference between a traditional brand idea and a digital brand idea. For example, great digital ideas are normally based on social connection, interaction, and the value of the idea for consumers. Although both digital brand ideas and traditional brand ideas are designed to deliver the positioning of a brand and the perception of the brand, only digital brand ideas are media-independent. Digital brand ideas are based on the company’s ability to create social interaction between consumers, and pass value along to consumers.

    Qualities of a leading digital agency

    The quality of a digital agency should be based on how well that digital agency can manage and create a specific brand’s digital positioning. A good digital agency should also be able to take ideas for a brand and make sure those ideas are engaging and compelling.


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