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    Your mother was right: first impressions do matter

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    Websites must convey a feeling of trust, even at first glance!

    Think of your website as an important job interview. From the moment a candidate steps into the interview room, his or her appearance, confidence and apparent trustworthiness are being assessed. The well-dressed, confident, genuine person earns the right to be considered above other applicants. The same goes for your website when it comes to your visitors’ first impression. Your site absolutely needs to be attractive, fresh, easy to navigate and trustworthy, or competitors will get your business. It’s also true that you often get what you pay for. Buying a tie at a second-hand store, when you are trying to land that high paying job, is a poor choice. It’s worth spending a little extra money when the potential return on investment is significant. Your website is no different. While you don’t have to go Gucci, you do need to invest an appropriate amount of money for potential return. We, at Marketing Media, know how to build websites that deliver all of this, and more.

    The Four Pillars Of Trust:

    1. Appearance
      The look and feel of your website is critical for the professional image it conveysThe look and feel of your website is critical to the professional image it conveys. It must show a combination of clean and neat design and images, offered in a user-friendly manner. Marketing Media builds websites that are fresh and attractive, equipped with technologies that don’t bog your site down with flash and fluff. You want a professional, clean looking site that is inviting to the user at their very first visit. Our designers are savvy web surfers who know what it takes to design websites that catch users attention at first glance, and on every page. We focus on:

      • Visually attractive designs
      • Professional look and feel
      • Organized navigation
      • Neat and clutter free interface
    2. Transactional assurances
      People spending money online need to know at a glance that their transaction will be secure and safe. People spending money online need to know at a glance that their transaction will be secure and safe. Earning that trust requires more than pasting secure transaction seals onto each page. Earning someone’s trust is almost a science, and we use that skill to design web pages that make people comfortable right away. The worst thing that can happen to a shopper is getting to the checkout page only to bail out for fear of a less than secure transaction. We analyze data to develop checkout pages where such lack of trust in the safety of private user information won’t happen. Such assurance by design include:

      • Payment forms and delivery options
      • Security of private information
      • Privacy policies and money-back guarantees
    3. Authority
      Making a lasting first impression through website design is something we don’t take lightlyIt’s important to incorporate outside sources to portray instant trust from others to back you up. Marketing Media knows how to “borrow” that trust from as many sources as possible and add even more credibility and trust to your website. With new websites, some things that can be done while your rave reviews are rolling in. For existing websites in need of a face lift, previous data can be incorporated in a more effective manner, leading to substantial increases in website traffic. We incorporate:

      • Trade group affiliations
      • Media attention
      • Awards and positive reviews
      • Comparative rankings
    4. Consensus of peers
      Many websites list peer reviews and awards, but get nothing in return.Many websites have peer reviews and awards listed and they get nothing in return for it. Knowing how to best present this positive outlook from outside sources is an area where Marketing Media excels. Once again, this isn’t something that is done by chance. We know what works and what doesn’t. Incorporating positive feedback that returns dividends is always a priority with our designs. You’ll see:

      • Social media popularity
      • Large and objective numbers

    Marketing Media’s promise

    Making a lasting first impression through website design is something we don’t take lightly. We promise your website will earn immediate consumer trust, thanks to our design experience and expertise. We also offer value and quality that you would typically pay much more for.


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